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What is Neurofeedback/Biofeedback?

The National Library of Medicine describes neurofeedback as, "Neurofeedback is a kind of biofeedback, which teaches self-control of brain functions to subjects by measuring brain waves and providing a feedback signal. Neurofeedback usually provides the audio and or video feedback. Positive or negative feedback is produced for desirable or undesirable brain activities, respectively." According to the Mayo Clinic "biofeedback is a technique you can use to learn to control your body's functions, such as your heart rate. With biofeedback, you're connected to electrical sensors that help you receive information (feedback) about your body (bio)." This type of feedback can help you develop an understanding and become aware of your ability to alter your physical state with just your thoughts, breathing, and muscle relaxation.

The Journal of Neurotherapy describes neurofeedback as "physical therapy for the brain, a daily session of neurofeedback can produce positive brain wave changes that can improve mental and physical functioning. Both meditation and neurofeedback-through decreasing beta wave activity-increasing cognitive functioning in areas such as concentration and problem solving."


Serenity uses Muse S (Gen 2) headbands with a Premium Prescription to detect a full range of brainwave activity via EEG. Muse detects the full spectrum of the five typical brainwave types: Gamma (> 35 Hz), Beta (13-35 Hz), Alpha (8-13 Hz), Theta (4-8 Hz), and Delta (< 4 Hz). 



What Does the Muse Band Feel Like?

The Muse S (Gen 2) band will feel like a you're wearing a headband. You will experience audio feedback that will sound like a rainstorm when you are in the Beta -Alpha range. The rain will slow down or stop when you enter the Theta range and you will begin to hear birds chirping. There are over 500 guided meditations you can experience along with the opportunity to learn how your favorite music, audiobooks, and apps impact your brain activity, heart rate, breath, and body movement. 

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