Developing Difficulties with Male Teens in the Modern Era

Being a male teenager in high school is very difficult. We face many problems that plague our mindsets, and struggle to fight the societal standards that many people try to apply to us. Many of these issues drive many male teenagers to suicide, and will continue to kill many of our nation’s teenagers if nothing is done. If you notice these issues are plaguing your child, reach out and get help.

Toxic Masculinity

Toxic masculinity is a huge disease in the heart of society today. Males are expected to be into sports and are critiqued if they don’t partake in sports. Even doing things that are considered ‘non-masculine’ like art and singing are frowned upon by many men in America and the rest of the world. If you play a sport in high school like football, you will probably get more attention and praise.

Emotional issues

Males are frowned upon if they express their feelings, often met with mockery by others. This is not a healthy behavior and is very destructive to boys’ mindset. They end up bottling it up inside until it reaches a breaking point, and then they explode. Many will end up going to therapy because of society’s harsh harassment towards our male teenagers.

Student Workloads

Work that is enforced upon the high school student body is atrocious. Tons of work is assigned to an individual that they almost always end up stressed at the end of the day as a result. How are they supposed to enjoy their life if they only end up having 1 hour of free time because of homework? They simply don’t. Students end up falling to the ruthless and vicious cycle to get good grades. The amount of stress this causes is simply too high.

Social Media

Social Media is something that most teens indeed have. The desire to represent yourself as perfect on Social Media is very high. Social Media can also be used against teens, for example, cyberbullying. These factors can contribute to stressing out any teen to make sure they are represented as perfectly as possible to the world.


In conclusion, expectations for male teens and teens in general are set unrealistically high. The combined factors of Social Media, Student Workloads, Emotional Issues, and Toxic Masculinity are joining together to make life miserable for young teens everywhere. Even driving some teens to suicide. But there is hope, the world needs us now more than ever. Help us stop these issues. We can make a dramatic difference for our teens.

-Written by Blaine S. (15-year-old male)

If your teen is experiencing signs of depression, do not hesitate to seek help.